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Macro shots of intense struggles fatal ants 

Photographer Alex Wild recorded using the macro function, scenes of intense struggles between ants fatal. Alex says the project “Fighting Ants” captures the images of conflicts between societies of ants. 

This series of photos was taken around the world. Alex Wild passed by Australia, United States, Panama, Argentina, Ecuador, South Africa, Brazil and Uganda. 

According to Wild, the worst enemies of ants are other ants. The pictures show different types of conflicts versus ant ants. Some ant species show different fighting each other, usually by territorial domain.

Here’s a selection of photography taken so far.


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Photographer turns dreams of a boy with muscular dystrophy in reality

In the series titled “The Little Prince”, the photographer Matej Pelyjhan of Slovenia, did a test with a 12 year old boy named Luka - who suffers from muscular dystrophy, a disease that weakens the muscles of a person over time. Those who have the disease gradually lose the ability to do things that people normally can do.

With a cloth on the floor and everyday objects on the cloth, and trick photography, Peljhan helped Luka turn your dreams (and drawings from a notebook) into reality.

These moving images also show a message about the disorder, reminding viewers from work to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

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